When you book a service with Sunny Raye Healing Massage, you can be confident that the products I use on your skin will be as high-quality as the massage itself.

I use Biotone Advanced Therapy Creme, a hypoallergenic, unscented, paraben-free massage creme. It contains no nut oils, mineral oils or drying alcohols.

I also use Biotone Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Creme, which uses naturally healing ingredients to provide the ultimate massage for sore joints and aching muscles. This creme contains glucosamine which has been associated with the support of healthy tissue and joints.

I custom mix essential oils into your massage creme to help achieve whatever you and I decide to focus on during the massage. Aromatherapy can help promote stress relief, give you increased energy or be soothing and relaxing. Here’s a link to read more about essential oils and aromatherapy.